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First Aid Kits

With the new BS8599 British Standard Guidelines now in place, which size first aid kit is right for you?

Employers are required to make a risk assessment to decide what the hazard levels are and how many employees are involved in the area to be covered.  You should use the guide below together with your risk assessment to decide on the size and placement of first aid kits in your workplace.

e.g. shops, offices, libraries etc:
Less than 25 employees – Small size kit
25-100 employees – Medium size kit
More than 100 employees – 1 Large kit per 100 employees

e.g. light engineering and assembly work, food processing, warehousing, extensive work with dangerous machinery or sharp instruments, construction, chemical manufacture etc:
Less than 5 employees – Small size kit
5-25 employees – Medium size kit
more than 25 employees – 1 Large kit per 25 employees